March Dinner Meeting

This month’s program was wonderfully presented by Rev. Gary Beard as George Washington and Jordan Meier as Young George. Interesting talk on history and anecdotes of our utmost Patriot, Revolutionary General and first President including a variety of artifacts from Mount Vernon.

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March 2019

President’s Message

Dear Compatriots,

Our chapter had its first board meeting of the 2019 term prior to last month’s meeting at our new location, Mimi’s in Lake Forest. Thanks to all of our volunteer board members who help make our chapter successful.  One of my objectives for this term is to reinstate our Color Guard.  Please let me know if any of you are interested in participating in this important activity.  This is a great way for our chapter to promote and encourage patriotism in our community. 

History is fascinating.  In looking at the significant events of the American Revolution that occurred during the month of March we find the Stamp Act passed by the British Parliament on March 22, 1765.  The objective of the tax was to help pay for the French and Indian war.  The new tax was imposed on all American colonists and required them to pay a tax on every piece of printed paper including playing cards.  The British felt the tax was justified as the colonies were receiving the benefit of the British troops.  The Stamp Act was the first internal tax levied directly by the British government on the American colonists.  The Stamp Act tax prompted the issue of taxation without representation which led to the armed rebellion against the British 10 years later. There was a secret organization, The Sons of Liberty, which was founded to champion the rights of the American colonists and played a major role in fighting taxation and the Stamp Act.  Some of the more famous members of the Sons of Liberty include Samuel Adams, John Adams, Benedict Arnold, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, Joseph Warren, and Paul Revere.

Also of note is the month of March was named for the Roman god of war, Mars.  And somewhat ironic the month of March was when military campaigns were typically resumed after the troops hunkered down for the winter. 

In patriotism,

R. Scott Whitman

Chapter Activities

Our speaker, Doug Westfall, at our February meeting gave an interesting talk on the flight of Amelia Earhart and the search for her missing plane.  Per Doug Westfall, recently a team of divers has recovered what they believe to be pieces of Earhart’s E-10 Electra off the Coast of Buka Island in Papua New Guinea, 100 feet below the surface.  The divers discovered a wreckage that “share some consistencies” with Amelia Earhart’s unique E-10 Electra aircraft.  The divers are planning an expedition back to Buka Island this spring to farther research the crash site.  Books on Amelia Earhart can be found on the website:  Our chapter presented to Doug a Certificate of Appreciation.  Doug Westfall is shown below with Compatriots Steve Steinberg and Scott Whitman.

L to R: Steve Steinberg, Doug Westfall, Scott Whitman

Dinner Meeting Program:   

No name or date better symbolizes the spirit of America than “Washington 1776.” In the 21st century, we are slowly losing a sense of the dynamic behind the man who inspired and won the battle for independence and the date that separated tyranny from freedom.

For 39 years, the Rev. Gary Beard has portrayed George Washington in hundreds of classrooms, assemblies and churches. He has appeared at the Nixon Presidential Library each Presidents Day and Fourth of July for the past 17 years and was the official George Washington in all San Bernardino bicentennial events.

7:00 PM, March 19, 2019 at Mimi’s Cafe, Lake Forest

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