May 2021

President’s Message

Dear Compatriots,

I hope all of you are doing well and surviving the pandemic.  We will be again holding a virtual meeting in May as we wait for more members to get vaccinated and the restrictions on social gathering loosen up.  The summer is typically “dark” meaning we don’t meet as a chapter in June, July and August.  So, the next time we meet as a chapter will likely be in September.  If the progress on reducing the risk of COVID continues it looks it will be an in-person meeting,

On Monday, May 31st we recognize Memorial Day.  Memorial Daycommemorates the men and women who died while in the military service of their country, particularly those who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained in battle. In other words, the purpose of Memorial Day is to memorialize the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  Please take a moment and remember those who lost their lives and could not come home, reflecting on their service and why we have the luxury and freedom that we enjoy today.  My uncle, Robert Scott Whitman Jr., went down with his plane in the Battle of Midway and my uncle, S. Arthur Johnson went down with his ship in the Atlantic torpedoed by a German U-boat at the end of WWII. 

The 146th Annual Meeting of the California Society was held on Saturday, April 17th.  I reported out on those items that I thought would interest the membership at the April chapter meeting.  New officers were installed and Brian Stephens is the incoming President.  Brian has attended a number of our chapter meetings.  The chapter won the Col. Richard F. Locke Award for most new members (+6 or 11%) for a small chapter.  Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Paul Sapp, Steve Steinberg and myself for their efforts to input SAR application data into PRS (Patriot Research System). 

In looking at what important events happened during May of 1775, it was on May 10, 1775, Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold lead a successful attack on Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York, while the Second Continental Congress assembles in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Congress faced the task of conducting a war already in progress.

Stay safe and stay healthy my fellow compatriots. Hope you can attend the chapter Zoom meeting on May 18th

In patriotism,

R. Scott Whitman

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