April 2022

President’s Message

Greetings Compatriots, 

It’s April and April showers bring May flowers. We are behind the rain curve by 9 inches for the first 3 months of 2022 and we could use some rain. Please do your part to conserve water consumption. Fortunately, the COVID is mostly behind us, and the chapter can meet in person. Meeting at Mimi’s in Irvine is working out well but as you venture out in the community, please be on the lookout for other venues in South County that can host our meetings. 

It was on April 5, 1764, that Parliament passed the American Revenue Act, a modified version of the Sugar and Molasses Act (1733), which was about to expire. Under the Molasses Act colonial merchants had been required to pay a tax of six pence per gallon on the importation of foreign molasses. The molasses was turned into rum. The Brits should not have messed with colonist’s booze! 

Looking ahead, the 147th Annual Meeting of the California Society is on April 21-23 in downtown Sacramento. I plan on attending and representing the South Coast chapter. 

Several friends of mine got the COVID even though they were vaccinated and boosted. So, remain cautious while in public. 

In patriotism,
R. Scott Whitman

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