February 2019

President’s Message

Greetings Compatriots,

It is an honor and a privilege to serve the South Coast chapter of the SAR as its new president.  We are saddened by the untimely loss of our past president, Richard Bent, and our treasurer-to-be, David Hogshead.   One of my objectives for this term is to resurrect the Chapter Color Guard.  Another objective is to enhance the quality of our chapter meeting programs.  Please let me know if you have any thoughts on either of these objectives.  On Monday, February 18th, we celebrate President’s Day.  This federal holiday to honor the first president of the United States of America was first established in 1885.  George Washington was born on February 22nd, 1732 (per the Gregorian calendar).  In 1971 the holiday was shifted to the third Monday in February.  Some of you may recall the time when we celebrated Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday on separate days in February and on the day of their birth.  Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky.  The first attempt to create a Presidents Day occurred in 1951 when the “President’s Day National Committee” was formed by Harold Stonebridge Fischer of Compton, California.  The purpose of the initiative was not to honor any particular president but to honor the office of the presidency.  In some states Lincoln’s birthday is celebrated separately, as a stand-alone holiday on the anniversary of his birth. In other states, like California, the recognition of Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays is combined on Presidents Day.  These two (2) men contributed mightily to making America the greatest nation in the world.  I’m looking forward to serving you in the coming year and seeing you at our chapter meetings at our new location at Mimi’s in Lake Forest. 

In Patriotism,

R. Scott Whitman

2019 SAR National Congress

The SAR is coming to California

Traditionally, approximately every 10 years, the SAR holds the National Congress in California. Many of you will remember the 2008 Congress in Sacramento and the great time we had there.

In 2019 California again will host the National Congress, this time in Orange County at the spacious Orange County Hilton at Costa Mesa, a stone’s throw from the famous South Coast Plaza, and “next door” to Newport Beach. The Congress Planning Committee chose this location after a comprehensive search, working with representatives of the California society to find a hotel which met the requirements regarding both budget and amenities.

The hotel is just minutes away from Orange County’s John Wayne Airport, served by all major airlines.

Mark your calendars now for July 5 through 11 and plan to attend.

The other upcoming important event of note is the CSSAR 144th Spring Meeting of the Membership April 25-27 in Ventura, CA.  



Chapter Activities

At our January meeting, we had our swearing in ceremonies for the new chapter officers.  CASSAR Vice President South Brian Stephens performed the swearing in ceremony for the chapter officers.  Brian Stephen was accompanied by his wife Diane.  In addition to Brian, past CASSAR President Jim Fosdyck and his wife Un Hui Yi and CASSAR Trustee John Dodd was present at the meeting.  The South Coast Chapter Officers for 2019 are listed below:

President                                                         Robert Scott Whitman

1st V.P. (Registrar and Genealogist)               Leon L. Smith, Jr.

2nd V.P. (Programs)                                        Steven H. Steinberg

Secretary                                                        Jerry L. Hereford

Treasurer                                                        Paul Weddell

Chaplain                                                          Robinson (Robbie) H. Jones

Newsletter Editor and Webmaster                  Paul W. Sapp

ROTC                                                             Maynard D. Rains

Eagle Scouts                                                   Curtis Michael Porter

Director                                                           Kurt Jeffrey Camp

Shown below are the South Coast Chapter Officers that were sworn in.

L to R: Brian Stephens, Leon Smith, Kurt Camp, Robbie Jones, Scott Whitman, Jerry Hereford, Steven Steinberg, and Paul Sapp

In addition to being sworn in as our new chapter president, Compatriot Scott Whitman was presented by Leon Smith a supplemental certificate for Scott’s patriot ancestor Josiah Lane who served as a 2nd Lt. in the Massachusetts Militia.  Patriot Lane served under Capt. Enoch Whiton’s Company and Col. Benjamin Lincoln’s Regiment.  This is Scott’s 8th supplemental certificate.

Scott Whitman and Leon Smith

Registrar Leon Smith also presented to Compatriot Paul Weddell a supplemental certificate for Paul’s patriot ancestor John Grosh who served as a Judge on the Court of Appeals of Frederick County, Maryland.  Patriot Grosh also provided money to the Revolutionary War and served as a member on the Committee of Observation.  This is compatriot Weddells’ 3rd supplemental certificate.  In addition, Leon Smith presented Compatriot Paul a Distinguished Service Medal and Certificate for his long service as the chapter treasurer.  Paul has been the treasurer for at least 14 years.  Also, Paul’s wife, Renee Weddell, was presented a Medal and Certificate of Appreciation for her support of our chapter.  Her support included assisting Paul in treasurer duties, hosting past chapter picnics and our yearly chapter BBQ.  She has on several occasions produced chapter membership directories.  Paul and Renee are pictured below with Leon Smith presenting the honors.

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January 2019

Vice President’s Message

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  The new board of chapter officers were announced at our November meeting.  At our January meeting, we will have the new officers sworn in to their positions by a SAR State Officer.  I would like to see all the officers attend.

The January meeting will take place at our new meeting location on WEDNESDAY, January 16, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.  Our meetings will now be held at Mimi’s Café, 22651 Lake Forest Dr., Lake Forest (n/w corner of Lake Forest Dr. & Muirlands Blvd).  The 3rd Tuesday was already booked for January.  We will be back on our normal 3rd Tuesday of the month for the rest of the year.

Mimi’s Café has offered us lunch and dinner menus in the price range from $13.99 to $20.99 before tax and gratuity.  These menus include coffee, tea, lemonade or soft drinks plus a house salad, Caesar salad or cup of soup.  We will still collect the $5.00 from our members to help defray the speaker’s meal cost.   Mimi’s Café management has requested that our group pay with one bill.  Bunny and I have calculated the tax (7.75%) and gratuity (18%) for each menu item.  Please make your personal checks out to ‘South Coast Chapter’.  The meeting room is more private and hopefully, we can hear the presentations.  Lastly, the bar is next to our meeting room and if you order drinks not on the menu, please pay the host/hostess separately.

I know this is a lot to take in, but I’m sure that we will all settle in to the routine after a few meetings.  I hope to see everyone there to support our new chapter president and officers.

In Compatriotism,

Leon Smith

Email:  leonbuny@pacbell.net       

Chapter Activities

In attendance at our November meeting was past CASSAR President Jim Fosdyck and his wife Un Hui Yi.  In addition, CASSAR Vice President South Brian Stephens and his wife Diane was in attendance.

Our November speaker, Diane Stephens, gave an excellent presentation on the life of First Lady Dolley Madison, Wife of President James Madison.  Our chapter presented to Diane a Certificate of Appreciation.  Diane Stephens is shown below, in period costume, with Compatriots Steve Steinberg and Leon Smith.

At the dinner meeting, Chapter Registrar Leon Smith inducted the Father and Son team of Kevin and Nolan Forrest.  Their patriot ancestor served in the following positions: Member of Committee of Correspondence, 1774; Member of Committee Reporting to General Court, 1776 to 1779; Delegate to the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention; and Member of the Council, Massachusetts Senate, 1780 to 1783.  We want to welcome Kevin and Nolan to our chapter and hope to see them at our dinner meetings.  Shown below with Leon Smith is the Forrest family:

In addition to inducting two new members, Leon Smith presented supplemental certificates to the following compatriots:

  • Andy Bailey, who is a charter member of our chapter, for his patriot ancestor, Archelaus Gilliam who served as a private in the 6th Virginia under Captains Thomas Patterson, Samuel J. Cahill, and Colonel Mordecai Buckner from 1775 to the summer of 1777; was a private in General Morgan’s Rifle corps from the summer of 1777 to Christmas of 1777 and served under Captains Charles Patterson and Adam Clements for 3 months in 1781.  Achelaus substituted for his brother, Charles.  Archelaus Gilliam was engaged in the Battles of Trenton, Princeton, Saratoga, Edge Hill and Ninety Six.
  • Steven Steinberg received two Supplemental Certificates for his patriot ancestors (1) Thomas Walker, Jr. who served in Virginia as a member of the House of Committee of Safety; Delegate to Revolution Convention, 1775 to 1776; and Delegate to Assembly 1782 and (2) Henry fry who served in Virginia as a Member of the House of Burgess, 1765; Delegate to General Assembly for Culpeper County, VA; Civil Officer clerk of Culpeper County, VA; and furnished supplies.  This is Steven’s 5th and 6th supplemental certificate. 

Pictures of Andy Bailey and Steven Steinberg are shown below

During appreciates the effort of Leon on assisting new members and assisting compatriot members in obtaining supplemental certificates.  below are the Shown recognizing his sponsorship of new members.  Each medal represents the sponsorship of 10 new members.  Our chapter Leon Smith and Brian Stephens:dinner meeting, CASSAR Vice President South Brian Stephens presented to Chapter Registrar, Leon Smith a Liberty Certificate and two Liberty Medals,

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November 2018

Vice President’s Message

Fall is here!  I want to extend holiday greetings to all of you.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Since we are dark in December, I would also like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

The chapter officers’ elections are almost over.  At the time of the writing of this article, seventeen out of a total of fifty-three members have taken the time to vote.  That’s a percentage of 32.  My new year’s wish is that more members decide to participate in our chapter activities.  I would love to see the diverse talents of our membership put to good use for the betterment of the chapter and our SAR society.

My wife and I attended the California Society SAR 143rd Annual Fall Board of Managers Meeting in Folsom, California this past weekend (Nov. 9 – 10, 2018).  This was the first State meeting that I have ever attended.  The talent and experience of this group was astounding.  There were three past and current President Generals in attendance, as well as Vice President – Western District, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar and Genealogist Generals.  A lot of items were discussed, but of the utmost importance, was the 2019 SAR National Congress.

The 2019 SAR National Congress will be held in California.  More specifically, it will be held at the Orange County Hilton at Costa Mesa from July 5 thru July 11.  Approximately every 10 years the SAR holds the National Congress in California.  This is in our backyard and the SAR is looking for volunteers to help make this a memorable SAR event.  I am attempting to line up a previous California President to attend our January, 2019 dinner meeting and speak to us about the advantages of volunteering for this event.  I know that all of the volunteers will be given SAR sport shirts.  There will be other perks and advantages of being a volunteer that will be discussed by our speaker.  I may also enlist him to swear in our 2019 Board Members.  So, all of you elected board members that were on the ballot, please attend the January, 2019 dinner meeting to be officially sworn into office.  Also, at the January meeting I will be making some award presentations to a few of our dedicated members.

In Compatriotism,

Leon Smith

Email:  leonbuny@pacbell.net       

South Coast SAR Chapter News

Chapter Officer Elections Chapter Secretary Jerry Hereford has sent out via e-mail or mail ballots for the election of Chapter Offices.  If you have not returned your ballets, please return the completed ballots to Jerry Hereford by Monday, November 19th.  The election results will be announced at the November 20 dinner meeting.  The officer inductions will take place at the January chapter dinner meeting.

October 18 Dinner Meeting

Our October speaker, Chris Epting, gave a presentation entitled Roadside Baseball: The Locations of America’s Baseball Landmarks.  His talk was based on his book with the same title as above.  Chris gave information on various little known baseball events and there locations.   At the end of the talk, our chapter presented Mr. Epting a Certificate of Appreciation for being available to make various presentations to our chapter.  His presentations are always enjoyable informative.

Chris Epting is shown below with Compatriots Steve Steinberg and Leon Smith.

L to R: Steve Steinberg, Chris Epting and Leon Smith

At the dinner meeting, Registrar Leon Smith presented three Supplemental Certificates to Compatriot William Yost for his patriot ancestors (1)  John Pullen who provided supplies, (2) Reynolds Allen who was a road overseer, furnished supplies and took the Oath of Allegiance, and (3) Caleb Penny who was a member of the Johnstown County, NC grand jury in August 1781.  This is Compatriot William’s 4th, 5th and 6th supplemental certificate.

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